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NEW VIDEO Released: Has Your Career Gone to the Dogs?

Portia's book "Hey, So You Want To Be In Showbusiness!" is NOW AVAILABLE on AMAZON.COM!!!

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Portia Derricks' book "Hey, So You Want To Be In Showbusiness!" is NOW available at The Drama Book Shop in New York. It's located at 250 West 40th St. New York City 10018.

Their phone # is (212) 944-0595.

Welcome to JonRod! Here, you will find anything and everything about the exceptional book " Hey, So You Want To Be In Showbusiness!" by Portia Derricks. Wife of Cleavant Derricks, her experience and knowledge of the world of showbusiness is astounding. With new insights and instruction for those that are looking to get started, it would be foolhardy to pass up the information contained within this book. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls and calamities that can result if proper precaution isn't taken. Learn more about what it takes to eventually succeed in the business that everyone wants to be a part of!


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